Managing Director

Dr. Faisal Fayyaz Qureshi has worked in the field of IT/Network and Telecommunication since 2000. He worked for many organisation across the globe (based in South East Asia, Middle East & USA). He received his Master degree in “Network and Data Communication” in 2010 from Coventry University and in 2014 he completed his PhD at the University of Bedfordshire in “Reliable and Energy Efficient Cognitive Radio Ad hoc MAC Protocol”.
In 2012, he launched Express Communication Services Ltd (ExComS) in the UK with a single goal in mind “Provide unmatched IT & Network Support Service to the Clients”.

He is the real visionary behind the company. The company has grown to over 200 engineers, providing an unmatched 24/7 IT and Network Support to clients.

Managing Director and Secretary

Nazia Bhatti has worked in the field of IT/Network and Telecommunication with Bachelor of Science. She is also looking after the Operations and Services of the Express Communication Services Limited.

Executive Director

Mohammed Qasim (Mo) received his BSc in Automotive Technology with Management from University of Hertfordshire in 2005. He started his professional career working for Xerox (UK) R&D projects. In 2008, he joined Hayward Tyler (UK) a major supplier of rotating equipment to O&G, Power Generation (Nuclear/Coal/Gas) and Submersible industries.
In 2011 he joined major Rockwell Collins (fka B/E Aerospace) aerospace interiors division in the UK, where he managed R&D, NPI, NPD and Aftermarket programs on Airbus, Boeing and Sukhoi aircrafts for major airlines.
Mo has completed many professional qualifications over the years and co-authored a research paper. He currently provides Management Consultancy to Small & Medium Sized Enterprises (SME’s) across UK & Africa.

He provides operational management/structure to the organisation and manages the project management team to support company’s 24/7 ops.

Senior Researcher

Dr. Kashif Iqbal has 14 years’ research experience in Applied Research, Machine Learning, Image and Information Retrieval, Image Processing, Computer Vision and Biometric Security. He completed his MSc in Computer Science in 2009 at University of Science Malaysia (USM), Malaysia. He received his PhD in 2012 upon completion of his thesis titled “Image Detection and Retrieval for Biometric Security from an Image Enhancement Perspective” at Coventry University, UK. His MSc work is on underwater image and video enhancement. In the PECIPTA’07 exhibition his work won the Gold Medal by demonstrating a breakthrough in the cutting-edge technology of video enhancement, namely “Aqua Marine Video Enhancement Tool (AquaVideoT)” in KL Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He was teaching and supervising research projects in the Department of Computing at Coventry University. Prior to joining Coventry University, he was also involved in several scholarly and administrative tasks in the University of Science Malaysia (USM), Penang, Malaysia. Dr. Kashif Iqbal has published over 20 papers in peer-reviewed journals and reputable conferences and workshops.

He brings the R&D ideas generated at ExComS’ to Proof of Concept (PoC) stage.

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